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About Us

Yantai Clear Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd

Since 2011, Yantai Clear Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd has become leading manufacturer of powder coating field. Provide customers from Design—Production—Installation—Training and After-sales one-stop service.

From simple manual painting to fully automatic painting line, our project involves steel pipes, shelves, trolleys, radiators, fences, electric control cabinets, furniture, trucks, excavators, yachts and other industries; Yantai Clear has provided excellent customized solutions for manufacturers, coating service providers, government projects and multinational companies in more than 40 countries and regions.

Yantai Clear‘s products catalogue: Spray Booths, Pre-treatment Systems, Complete Painting Lines, Powder Coating Booth, Powder Curing Oven, Powder Spray Gun, Reciprocator , Fast Color Change Center, Powder Recovery Equipment, Conveyor Chains, etc . 


10 years specializing in the production of spraying equipment.


Hundreds of projects have been designed and completed.


The products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions.


Obtained dozens of certifications including ISO9001 certification and CE certification

To provide customers with quality products is our commitment


Experience in completing hundreds of projects


Strict design, production and installation standards


Engineer on-site installation, training and other services


10+ years specializing in metal coating machines


Hundreds of projects have been designed and completed


Completed projects in 40+ countries and regions


To provide customers with quality products is our commitment


A team with experience in completing hundreds of projects.


Strict procurement, production and installation standard.


Engineer on-site service, and parts delivery, fault diagnosis, online guidance.

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Our Team

Service and After sales

Your project from Design—Production—Installation—Training and After-sales will be charged by our special team.If you want to know something about your project

 Please call +86 159 5357 2490, Mail:

Clear’s engineers will provide you with the excellent solution that meets your needs.

Clear’s team can provide you with installation, commissioning and training services on site.

If your machine breaks down or needs urgent technical support, please call us, our technical team will support you immediately.

We have excellent parts and equipment partners: