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Powder Coating Gun

Brief Introduction

Clear® Spray Gun is designed for efficiency and reliability, You can find the best spray gun from Clear®.

1. With user-friendly one-touch operation buttons, which is convenient to change the shape for coating, and create perfect coating finish.

2. The reliable quality ensures Low operating and maintenance costs.

3. Suit for painting any simple or complex work piece, such as metal plates, rims, vehicle parts, radiators, profiles, furniture, accessories, etc and bring a high-quality spraying experience.

4. Effectively reduce the waste of powder coatings. Lightweight and ergonomic design allows you to get the job done with ease.

5. Equipped with a complete combination of nozzles (round nozzles, flat nozzles) for best results.

At the same time, we are the dealer of GEMA spray guns.

Automatic Reciprocating Spray Machine

Powder Coating Gun

Powder Feeding Center