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Guatemala Powder Coating Line

An Excellent Solution for Product Parts Aceros de guatemala is a parts manufacturing company located in Guatemala, mainly producing prefabricated parts, steel plates, trolleys and

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Spray Pretreatment System

Brief Introduction

If you want perfect powder spraying, the surface of the work pieces must be completely clean. f you paint directly on the metal surface, the coating will not resist corrosion. So good pre-processing is required. It will effectively strengthen the powder spraying work, make the coating perfectly combined with the metal surface, and enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal surface. So when you expect an excellent powder coating job, you need Clear® Spray Type Pre-treatment System

1. Using automatic conveying system, the processing efficiency is higher. labor saving.

2. The spraying method shortens the system line and reduces the floor space

3. The shed body, cylinder body and spray pipe are all made of stainless steel with fine welding to ensure a service life of more than 10 years.

4. The top is designed with a ventilation device to prevent acid gas and steam from accumulating on the top in time.

Clear® Spray Type Pre-treatment System is customized according to the product, dictating the numbers and length of the steps needed. Also temperatures and materials are taken into careful consideration. If you want to customize your machine. Welcome your inquiry.

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