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China Large Spray booth

Excellent Solution for Complex Equipment Kaixin Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company that integrates construction machinery, tooling, metallurgy, spare parts, etc. Its

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Semi-automatic Painting Line

Brief Introduction

Clear® Semi-automatic Painting Line is consists of automatic spraying booth, conveyor system, Manual Curing oven.

Compared with a fully automatic painting line, it can increase the powder coating products output while saving investment costs. The powder coating process is automatic and it is equipped with a large cyclone recovery system, which is convenient for color change. The oven is equipped with a trolley. It is necessary to manually hang the sprayed products on the trolley and push it into the oven.

Clear® Semi-automatic Painting Line with local environmental protection requirements, ISO quality management system, CE quality certification. If you want to customize your machine. Welcome your inquiry.

Automatic Painting Line

Manual Painting Line

Semi-automatic Painting Line

Dipping Powder Line