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Russia Powder Coating Line

An Excellent Solution for Electrical Lighting Equipment Prom-svet (llc) is an electrical lighting equipment manufacturer located in St. Petersburg, Russia. In order to spray its

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Shot Blasting Booth

Brief Introduction

Clear® Shot Blasting Booth is well designed and built blast booth is essential to any blasting system, allowing you to blast clean inside. Clear® Shot Blasting Booth Can be customized according to your needs.

1. Excellent lighting and ventilation system to create a safe working environment for operators

2. Excellent recycling system, where high-quality abrasives are separated from dust and reused.

3. Complies with applicable safety codes and meets performance requirements.And use structural steel columns and beams, as well as strong nut and bolt construction, for added structural stability.

Clear® Shot Blasting Booth is CE certificated and conforms to the European Norms. If you want to customize your machine. Welcome your inquiry.

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