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Germany Industrial Paint Booth

 An Excellent Solution for Painting Service Providers Ab örebro sandblästring,swe is a Swedish company that provides clients with all-round services such as sandblasting, surface treatment

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Automatic Bridge Curing Oven

Brief Introduction

Clear® Automatic Bridge Curing Oven is designed for efficient powder coating curing, with higher heat utilization rate, shorter heating time and faster curing speed. It is the best choice for powder spraying line system.

1. Clear® powder ovens standard control panel, the control panel features advanced time and temperature controls, provides alarm notifications,and supports custom programming. Operational information, oven monitoring and alarm notifications are all visible on the main screen.Let everything under control.

2. Use structural steel columns and beams, as well as solid nut and bolt structure to ensure safe and stable structure.

3. The air delivery system provides excellent heat distribution, allowing the oven to heat up quickly. Fast heat-up rates and recovery rates reduce cycle times for increased productivity.

4. Excellent temperature control, specifically designed for batch powder coating applications, ensuring a high quality powder finish.

5. A variety of energy options: heated by Gas, LPG or Electricity.

Clear® Automatic Bridge Curing Oven is CE certificated and conforms to the European Norms. If you want to customize your machine. Welcome your inquiry.

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