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Telescopic Spray Booth

Brief Introduction

Clear® Telescopic Spray Booths are the best solution for painting big sizes and heavy work pieces.

1. The size of the telescopic spray booth can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the size and position of the work pieces.

2. The telescopic spray booth has a wide range of applications, low operating costs, and convenient use and maintenance.

3.Use of Explosion proof LED lights Superior lighting provides a bright work environment.

4. Use of well-known brand electrical control elements, touch screen interface and features such as temperature and pressure controls and alarms enable excellent booth performance, let everything is under control.

Clear® Telescopic spray booth is CE certificated and conforms to the European Norms. If you want to customize your machine. Welcome your inquiry.

Large Industrial Spray Booth

Car Spray Booth

Water Curtain Spray Booth

Bus or Truck Spray Booth