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Clear: Leader in Customized Powder Coating line in China with Hundreds of Global Case Studies

Clear is a leading manufacturer and supplier of powder coating line in China, known for its excellent product quality and extensive expertise in industrial surface treatment solutions. Clear offers a wide range of high-performance powder coating line equipment, carefully customized to meet the specific requirements of global customers, supported by advanced technology and comprehensive 3D visualization capabilities.

Over a Decade of Design and Manufacturing Excellence

With over a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing powder coating line equipment, Clear has established itself as a leader in technology development, manufacturing processes, and rigorous quality control standards. Whether it’s an automatic powder coating line, a manual powder coating system, or an industrial-grade automated paint line with integrated conveyor systems, Clear consistently delivers unmatched quality and cutting-edge technology.

Automated Powder Coating Lines

Clear’s automated powder coating lines leverage the latest advancements in automation technology to efficiently manage high-volume production tasks with precision. These customizable lines cater to diverse production needs, ensuring consistent, high-quality powder coating while optimizing productivity and reducing labor costs—ideal for large-scale manufacturing operations worldwide.

Manual Powder Coating line

For applications requiring precise control and tailored coating specifications, Clear’s manual powder coating lines offer unparalleled flexibility and quality. These systems are designed to achieve superior coating results, even for the most complex or customized products, meeting stringent industry standards effortlessly.

Integrated Automatic Conveyor Systems

Central to Clear’s operational efficiency are its automatic conveyor systems, meticulously designed for seamless integration within manufacturing lines worldwide. These systems ensure stable and efficient product flow, optimizing the overall production process and enhancing operational reliability across global operations.

Tailored Solutions and 3D Visualization

Understanding the diverse needs of its global clientele, Clear offers complimentary customized design services. Through state-of-the-art 3D animation technologies, Clear provides detailed visualizations for each tailored solution, empowering clients to optimize their designs and make informed decisions.


With a legacy built on excellence and technological prowess, Clear stands as a global leader in the manufacture and supply of powder coating line , particularly in China. From automated powder coating lines to manual systems and industrial-grade paint solutions, Clear remains dedicated to delivering superior products and innovative technologies worldwide. Choose Clear for professionalism, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to advancing towards a more efficient and higher-quality future.