Provide Excellent Spraying Solutions
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How does customize powder spraying lines for customers

1. Clear’s professional team will communicate with clients and inquire about necessary information: site information, spraying requirements, material information, budget, expected results, etc.

2. Clear’s design team will design an excellent solution based on the information communicated, and after confirmation by the client, will provide 2D and 3D drawings.

3. Clear’s production team produces according to the design drawings and updates the production progress for you. After the production of the product is completed, it will be assembled to ensure everything is normal, and then packaged in an orderly manner, loaded into containers and shipped out.

4. Clear’s installation team will arrive at the site on time according to the Transport Plan of the goods and the customer’s arrangement, and provide installation, commissioning, training and other services.

5. Clear’s after-sales service team will provide remote telephone or video technical support for the operation of your equipment.